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Group Classes

Our classes are conducted at Westbury Showgrounds and Legana. We have access to indoor facilities at Westbury, so can run all year round, rain, hail or shine at this location.

Our beginners class runs for 4 weeks and teaches the skills that will help your dog become a well-mannered, happy part of your household and the community

While we can modify classes to include additional training requirements, our classes cover the basics of sit, stay, recall, loose lead walking, dropping items, give and polite greetings (e.g. no jumping up).

We aim to help provide advice to owners on how to improve your dogs life and well being, as well as helpful tips on how to deal with behavioural issues as they arise    

We also run intermediate sessions on a variety of topics from trick training, basic agility to Out and About loose lead walking sessions. These are suited to owners who have attended our classes already or who have prior experience, particularly with clicker training.  

For further information, please contact us on 

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