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Happy Tails Dog Training - Puppy Socialisations Sessions - Spring/Summer

Location: Legana

Why is Puppy Pre-school important?

Early socialisation and exposure to new environments helps your pup become comfortable and gain confidence in a range of everyday situations. Between 8 to 14 weeks is a critical time in their development and it is important that they can learn valuable life skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Class Information

Each month during spring/summer we hold a number of puppy socialisation and skill sessions. The casual sessions will give pups an opportunity to learn some initial behaviours, gain confidence around new experiences and give owners an opportunity to ask questions on a range of puppy behaviours. There is structured puppy play sessions, however the focus is more on building calm behaviours and giving you the skills to develop good behaviours at home.

These are suited for pups 8 to 14 weeks

In this course, puppies will learn;

  • To respond to their name
  • To begin socialising appropriately with other pups and humans
  • To sit, drop and come when called
  • To accept gentle handling
  • To accept strange, new noises (e.g. fireworks, load machinery), objects and situations
  • How to be calm and settle around other puppies and learn appropriate social behaviour

Owners will learn;

  • How to teach new behaviours effectively and force free
  • How to get your pup used to new situations (e.g. vet visits, grooming)
  • How to deal with problem behaviours (chewing, biting, jumping etc)
  • How to effectively toilet train your pup
  • How to keep your pup mentally stimulated
  • How to keep pup healthy, happy and to set them up for the future

Classes are limited to a maximum of 6 puppies to ensure everyone gets the most out of class

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