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About Us

Sarah Campbell

While i have been involved with dog training for much of my life, it was Seamus, my lab x who started my journey to become a better dog trainer, when due to a bad experience, he started developing fear towards children at a young age. Thankfully a veterinarian steered me towards positive reinforcement methods such as counter conditioning and started my interest in learning more.

Through the support and advice of other positive trainers, Seamus was able to not only become confident around children, but blossomed to become a performing stunt dog and Delta Therapy Dog as well, along with his best buddy Toby (pictured above). Sadly Toby and Seamus have passed on, along with my one in a million girl Maxi (red heeler x bc).  I now share my life with Jack (Border Collie) who is deaf and is opening up a whole new world of learning to me which hopefully i can pass on to dog owners.

My aim as a dog trainer is to help dog owners form better bonds with their canine companions by giving owners the skills and knowledge they need.

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