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Family Paws Parent Education

Happy Tails Dog Training is proud to be a licensed presenter of the Family Paws Parent Education programs: Dogs & Storks and Dog & Toddlers

These programs are for parent of babies and young children and provide training help, education, guidance and support in order to help achieve safe, relaxed and happy interactions between dogs and children.  Dogs bites to babies and young children are a concern for new parents and often this concern can lead to some dogs ending up in shelters when parents find that they can not cope and feel they have no where else to turn. 

The programs cover a range of topics which include;

  • Setting up your home environment for success and safety
  • How to include your dog in daily family activities in a safe way
  • Understanding dog body language and how dogs communicate
  • How to plan for introducing your baby to your dog
What we can offer

  • In home consultations
  • Private Training Sessions
  • Group Information Sessions (ideal for pre-natal classes, mothers groups etc.)

For further information, contact Sarah on 0417 574 307 or email happytailstrainingtas@gmail.com

Check out the Family Paws Website http://familypaws.com for great information and resources for parents and our Links for Parents Page

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